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The Joy McCann Professorship for Women in Medicine

In keeping with its mission to identify and reward outstanding mentors, the Foundation has established the Joy McCann Professorship for Women in Medicine. The Professorships seek to encourage, inspire and reward women physicians in their academic careers.

Through an endowment at recipient institutions, the Foundation provides enhancement support for a current woman faculty member in a school of medicine who is an outstanding mentor and leader in teaching, research, patient care and/or community service.

Follow these links for more information on The Joy McCann Professors and their institutions:

Susan K. Pingleton, M.D.
University of Kansas School of Medicine 

Marquetta Faulkner, M.D.
Meharry Medical College

Anna N. Walker, M.D.
Mercer University School of Medicine

Patricia Durkin Franklin, M.D., MBA, MPH
University of Massachusetts Medical School

Guidelines and Criteria

Eligible institutions are identified and contacted by the Foundation and requested to submit a proposal in accordance with the guidelines and criteria for the professorship. 

The primary criterion for the selection of a McCann Professor will be evidence of mentoring and leadership in the medical profession involving any or all of the areas of teaching, research, patient care, and community service.

Each proposal to the Foundation must include an institutional action plan to mentor women physicians in achieving successful academic careers.

The Foundation makes an endowment gift of $500,000 to the eligible institution whose proposal has been approved by the Foundation.  The income from the endowment must be used to reward a nominee who has demonstrated outstanding mentoring and leadership.  The endowment must be used to enhance the work of the recipient and may not be used to replace institutional support.

Institutional Responsibility

Each recipient institution must agree to the following processes:


The institution must design a nomination process that allows students, residents and faculty to participate.

  • No self nominations are permitted; anyone who self nominates will be ineligible for the award.
  • Nominations must be accompanied by the nominee’s curriculum vitae, as well as letters of support from the nominator and the nominee’s Chair providing evidence of outstanding mentorship.
  • There are no restrictions on the academic rank of the nominees.


The institution must design a selection process that allows students, residents and faculty to participate.
  • The selection process should include: review of the nominees’ credentials and performance by a committee of peers; an interview of top nominees; and a vote to recommend the top three nominees to the Dean.
  • The Dean shall make the final determination of the awardees.
 Terms of the Award
  • The duration of the Professorship is three years. Recipients are eligible to receive the award for a second three-year term for a maximum tenure of six years.
  • Income from the endowment should not replace current salary and/or program support benefiting the holder of the Professorship, but should be added to existing funds allocated by the institution to that individual.
  • Income from the endowment must be used by the designated Joy McCann Professor in accordance with the mission of leadership and mentoring of students and faculty, and/or for program development that will enhance that mission.


Annually on the anniversary of the selection of the Joy McCann Professor, the institution must report the following to the Foundation:

  • Income and expenditure of the endowment, including use of income to enhance salary and/or programs.
  • Accomplishments of the selected Professor.
  • Institutional activities to mentor students, residents and faculty.

At the end of each three-year term, the institution must report the following to the Foundation:

  • A report outlining the nomination and selection process, with suggestions on how that process might be improved.
  • The curriculum vitae and accomplishments of the Professor whose three-year term is ending.
  • An action plan to continue institutional support for mentoring.


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