Featured Grant

Homeless Impact Garden & Sustainable Living Project
at The Salvation Army

In partnership with The Sustainable Living Project, the Homeless Impact Garden at the Salvation Army downtown Tampa homeless shelter works to improve the lives of homeless or formerly homeless clients through hands-on participation and education, acquisition of labor skills and experience as well as an increased supply of nutritional foods. The Sustainable Living Project, a program run by Tampa Bay Harvest in partnership with the Salvation Army, provides a successful sustainable, educational community garden model for the Homeless Impact Garden. Both gardens provide education in sustainable gardening while producing nutritious foods solely for homeless clients and food pantries.

The Homeless Impact Garden will additionally be a much needed step forward in the revitalization of its surrounding downtown neighborhood, a sign of growing both metaphorically and physically.

“On behalf of the entire Salvation Army Board, I want to express my sincere appreciation to The Joy McCann Foundation for continued support of the Salvation Army Tampa Area Command and Homeless Impact Garden. Harvests of organic vegetables from the garden reduce food costs and allow our chef to prepare healthy, nutritious meals for homeless clients of Red Shield Lodge, Hope House and Hospitality House.”

Jeff Armstrong
Chair, Salvation Army Tampa Area Command Advisory Board


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